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RJ’s Journey Update with RJ Zimmerman Untapped Keg Ep 135

December 05, 2022

RJ’s Journey Update with RJ Zimmerman Untapped Keg Ep 135
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RJ’s Journey Update with RJ Zimmerman Untapped Keg Ep 135

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When we think about spending money for coaching or mentorship, a lot of the time we scoff at that. Why would we spend money on something that we don’t fully understand the benefits of? Well, why not get into what the benefits truly are, how it will help fast track your journey, and what you should look for in a coach or mentor. Why wouldn’t you want to INVEST IN YOURSELF?!

RJ goes into his sobriety story. He recaps where he’s been, the growing he has done, and where he is going. Find out why he started Untapped Keg. Find out how he has gone from surviving the thriving. Find out what has helped him on his journey. If this is your first episode of Untapped Keg, it’s a GREAT place to start!

The very FIRST endorsement for a coach is Jake Yoder of Natural High’s Recovery! You can schedule a FREE call with Jake to see if you both would be a fit to work together here:

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Time Stamps:

0:00 Intro

4:00 RJ’s Sober Journey

10:00 Never Being Fulfilled

15:00 Growth

25:00 From Surviving to Thriving

35:00 Future of Untapped Keg

45:00 RJ Reads From His Journal

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