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Wholesome. Enlightening. Relatable.

I can say one of the best feelings available in this realm of existence and on the road to sobriety is the ability to feel SEEN, and UntappedKeg flawlessly demonstrates its power to ensure that all nuances of sobriety and life, in general, are addressed in ways that feel like the podcast is specifically catered to me or any other listener lol

Awesome and Honest Podcast

RJ Zimmerman is a genuinely thoughtful host who looks to get the most out of his guests’ stories so his audience may come away with a lot of insight and coping skills they can apply to their own lives and recovery from SUD and mental health disorders. I come away feeling inspired and thought-provoked every time I listen.

Nice to have a new Recovery Podcast

I learned about this on Beyond Belief Sobriety podcast interview and came over to try it out. I’m not a sports person but I love all the different perspectives. I don’t expect Depth here in a podcast, but new perspectives and I love the frequent interviews. I will listen to the SAME person being interviewed on multiple podcasts and get a different take on each! Keep it up guys.

Very Nice👍👍

This podcast is really very nice . I love this podcast . I recommend to all listen this podcast.

Hope in Audio form

Listening to Montee and RJ discuss, very candidly, their own experiences with the Recovery process has been nothing short of inspirational. Hope is the best word I can describe when listening to them speak. If you’re on the first step or you’ve been on your journey, or even if you’re someone who has a loved one on the journey, there is immense value in this podcast.

Great conversation on recovery from the guy’s perspective

Great pod on recovery from the guy’s perspective, honest, funny and hopeful.

Great perspective from great guys

Couldn’t ask for a better place to feel empowered in your recovery.

Soo helpful and informative!

Your conversations regarding the pandemic and how difficult it may be for someone who started their sobriety journey during these times really hit home for me. I’m still going strong but I always wonder where I’d be without your conversations. You’re helping so many.

Incredible insight!

I showed this to my daughter who is on her own path of recovery and she listened to a few episodes. The first thing she said to me was that “they understand Mom.” She then went on to say that you guys understand the internal tug of war that we have. So, as a worried parent I’m thankful for this podcast.

Great content

I must say I enjoy this. Idk why but I do. Maybe the song at the beginning? Idk. But I always feel better after each episode. Thanks

My favorite podcast

They are very authentic. You can tell during the first couple of months they were riding with the training wheels on due to poor sound but for the last like 4 months they’ve been on top of it. Great job fellas. From one sober person to another!

Genuine, positive and inspiring

These are just a couple of pretty normal guys talking about pretty normal things from a sober perspective. And they do it really well. Kudos, Roger and Montee!

Untapped Keg

Realistic. Funny. Supportive.