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How to Have an Intervention with Rob Lohman Untapped Keg Ep 126

September 25, 2022

How to Have an Intervention with Rob Lohman Untapped Keg Ep 126
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How to Have an Intervention with Rob Lohman Untapped Keg Ep 126

If you have ever wondered how to have an intervention, this is the episode you should listen to. Rob is a trained interventionist and has written a book about how to have an intervention! Come learn the most important skill to have while staging an intervention.

RJ Zimmerman talks with Rob Lohman about how to have an Intervention. They go into the best way to stage one, what to think about when you’re planning one, and the road to walk people to when it’s time to make a change for the better.  

RJ and Rob get very deep in this episode about what really is the catalyst to make a change like going sober, moving past gambling, how to realize you need to stop watching porn. There’s so many things that we do that we justify because we don’t see the damage it is causing around us and in our wake. It’s not about making the change for those around you, it’s about doing what is best for you. Once you are the best you everyone around you will be positively impacted too!

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Time Stamps:

0:00 Intro

3:00 Who is Rob Lohman

19:00 Intervention Styles

24:00 Interventions are About Building a Bridge

32:00 The Styles of Intervention

42:00 Sobriety and Recovery Stories Develop Connection

49:00 Being Hopeful About Sobriety AND Mental Health

52:00 Rob’s Takeaway… Find Yourself

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