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Holistic Sobriety with Jake Yoder Untapped Keg Ep 130

October 23, 2022

Holistic Sobriety with Jake Yoder Untapped Keg Ep 130
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Holistic Sobriety with Jake Yoder Untapped Keg Ep 130

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Sobriety can lead to thinking we can’t do anything we used to because it won’t be as fun or we might be triggered to crave what we have given up. The real trick is to realize how much you don’t need the substance to live a life that you love! This episode will give you a path to bring your sobriety to a place of living and not a place of being lived. 

RJ and Jake get very excited to talk about sobriety and recovery from a holistic perspective. There’s so many different ways to get sober, to live sober, and to experience life to its fullest. There are plenty of examples in this episode to get you started in a way to love your life of sobriety and not live in a way that is convenient for your substance.

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Time Stamps:

0:00 Intro

2:00 Who is Jake Yoder

10:00 Our Core Values

18:00 Life Coaching And Starting A Business

24:00 Going To Live Your Life

32:00 One Moment That Makes Us Go A Step Further

37:00 Jake’s One Thing

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