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Emotions in Men with Emily Gough Untapped Keg Ep 115

June 05, 2022

Emotions in Men with Emily Gough Untapped Keg Ep 115
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RJ Zimmerman and Emily Gough talk about how men are raised with emotional malnutrition, surface level relationships, and taught to keep to themselves and isolate.

Emotions in Men with Emily Gough Untapped Keg Ep 115

RJ Zimmerman talks with Emily Gough about Emotional Malnutrition given to boys growing up, how men don't understand that there is more than just what we are told there is in relationships, life, and love.

Emily Gough is a human connection coach, writer, speaker and host/founder of the respected top 200 Room to Grow™ Podcast. Fuelled by insatiable curiosity for the nuance and complexities of relationships and the human experience, she takes a holistic mind/body approach using the psychology and physiology of emotions to give you the guidance, real-life tools and perspective you need to take ownership of your life, revolutionize your relationship to yourself, and create thriving connections with others.

Find Emily at
Instagram and Twitter @EmilyGoughCoach
Or her podcast Room to Grow with Emily Gough

0:00 Intro
3:00 Reddit Post
8:00 Emily's Reaction
18:00 Showing Up As Our Best Selves
24:00 Showing Up As A Parent For Boys
27:00 Men Are Providers
36:00 Duality of Emotions
42:00 Our Ripple Effects
46:00 Our Sense of Purpose
52:00 Where to Find Emily
53:00 Emily's Lesson
55:00 Outro


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