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Self Discovery After Alcohol Coaching

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If You're Ready To:

Quit Shame

Create Joy &

Foster Peace

Begin Discovering You

It started with the simple question, “Who am I?” But the answers were more complex. You made a big change in your life, or perhaps the change happened to you, yet nothing else has changed. Your relationships aren’t as meaningful as you’d like, your work isn’t as purposeful as you’d hoped it would be, and hobbies don’t quite seem to fulfill you. You’re still unsure who it is looking back at you in the mirror. What if you could go from disconnected to connected? What if you were able to learn, explore, and discover who you truly are as opposed to who you think you’re supposed to be?


   Maybe you’ve given up alcohol. Maybe you just ended a relationship. Maybe you made a career change. Maybe the question really is “Who am I now?” You go through life expecting the accomplishment of your next goal to make you feel whole, but it’s not working. What if you focused your goals on the internal achievements? For the first time not caring how others perceive you, but how you perceive yourself?


   Sounds great, but how does someone even go about this? Is there even a way? Life doesn’t pause for us to discover ourselves, it doesn’t wait until we’ve identified our values to present us with challenges and opportunities.. but we can embark on this journey at any moment. There is a path, a place to start, a way forward. Accept the present so you can forgive the past and create your future!

Providing adaptable coaching and content for your Self Discovery.

The end of your drinking was just the beginning of YOU.

Show the world who YOU are.